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By Alex Burnett, Apr 19 2016 02:15PM

Hi everyone,

So I have a very exciting announcement...I've officially been hired by New York-based indie game company Case In Point Studios to work on the score for their latest strategy game Spy Agency Tycoon. Their previous release Arms Dealer attracted an extensive community of fans so it's fantastic to be working with this talented team of developers.

Spy Agency Tycoon is initially being released for PC (with potential PS4/Xbox One port to follow) and is a management sim which sees the player becoming the CEO of a spy agency corporation. It's your job to design and build your base of operations as well as planning out missions for your secret agents to undertake. As well as maintaining your agents' psychological state of mind, you will be able to choose from a variety of cool and innovative gadgets to assign to your agents depending on the nature of the mission. You will also compete against other corporations to gain the most lucrative missions and ultimately become the world's best spy agency! The game is soon to be released on Steam Early Access where you'll first be able to hear my soundtrack! Exciting times ahead!

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